O-Ring Production

Seneca Rubber Technologies is proud to be part of the Techno-Invest Group of Italy. Our o-ring production plant, Origom Srl utilizes thirty 135 ton to 280 ton MIR injection molding machines and two 220 ton compression machines.

Combine this equipment with over 6,000 o-ring molds at 3 shifts per day one can easily estimate production activity of over 500 million o-rings per year.

Additional secondary finishing techniques start with cryogenic deflashing and a final tumbling operation to produce totally flash free o-rings at very high quality levels. Origom's utilization of the latest video inspection machines can further increase quality on some o-ring sizes to 140 PPM. If you have high volume requirements with quality expectations for complete process control and repeatability,along with global competitiveness, please contact us with your quotation request. Origom's production is certified per TS19549.

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